Power Access 4300 series


Commercial Door Opener

For busy employees, to assist disabled individuals, or for anyone who finds a closed door a problem... Power Access door openers can make comings and going easier.

Installation Ease

  • No modification of the door or jambs
  • Plugs right into a regular 115vac wall outlet
  • Complete instructions are packed with every door opener
  • Virtually maintenance free (a couple of drops of oil and a bit of grease every year is all it takes)

Versatile Applications

  • Fits in most interior and some exterior door applications
  • Left and right hand door openers are available
  • Jamb mount, to push door open or door mount, to pull door open
  • Inverted model, for limited room above the door
  • Deep reveal and door mounted door opener units for special applications
  • The Model 4300 electric door opener is ADA compliant when correctly installed. Each ADA automatic door opener requires a separate door closer on the opposite side of the commercial automatic door opener unit to close the door.

An Array of Companion Controls

  • Push Plate Wall Switches
  • Push Button Wall Switches
  • Touch Plate Wall Switch
  • Coded Radio Transmitter/Receiver
  • Keyless Entry Systems
  • Electric Door Locks (Strikes)
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Built in Safety Features

  • The door operator arm is not attached to the door. Instead, a wheel at the end of the door operator arm rolls against the face of the door, pushing the door open
  • The door can always be opened manually from either side without involving the door operator
  • Traffic flow is not hindered by the door operator
  • The Power Access opener is always used in conjunction with a conventional manual door closer, either surface-mounted or concealed
  • If the door meets an obstruction during the opening cycle, built-in load sensing circuit automatically stops the door operator arm and returns to the at-rest (closed) position
  • Thermally protected drive motor
  • Adjustable door hold-open time
  • ADA Compliant when correctly installed


  • Operation: Electro-mechanical. Works against a standard closer. Seven second cycle time. Adjustable Timed Hold Open feature for 0 to 30 seconds, or a hold open that requires a signal to close.
  • Physical application: Jamb-mount, or inverted mount; no physical attachment or arm to door. Door mount; attached to door with arm pushing against door frame header.
  • Power: Requires 115vac 60hz 3amp service to receptacle box
  • Material/Finish: Painted welded steel frame. ABS plastic housing. Beige or Bronze.
  • Motor: 115vac 60hz permanent split capacitor, thermally protected
  • Activation: Touch plate, push button, push plate, radio transmitter, mats, or any momentary dry contact signal. Wired or Wireless.
  • Dimensions: 18 1/2" x 8 1/2" x 7"
  • Weight: 19 pounds


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